Certified Process

To facilitate the rapid and successful transaction of supplying PPE, MedOne supply has created a transparent process that protects all parties involved. This works.

The CERTIFIED PROCESS guaranties the buyer and seller can come to an agreement. The process facilitates trust and negates the barriers that exist in the PPE market.

State your desired PPE needs in the form here to be pre-qualified to work with us.


State your desired PPE needs in the form here.

MedOne will source the buyers’ needs and provide back to buyer answers to their needs and general price.  Because we have vetted manufacturing partners, we turn this around within 2-3 hrs.


If the buyer likes the general details, buyer signs a LOI prepared by MedOne, that lists general conditions such as price, timing, and delivery.

MedOne will provide a Proof of Life photo / video of the product, so the buyer can verify that the product matches the specifications.


Once the buyer approves that the POL, and verifies that this matches the specifications, MedOne will provide a NDA / Non-circumvent letter to the Buyer.

Once signed by the buyer, the current location of product, and factory / distributor can be verified.


The seller verifies exact pricing.

The buyer provides P.O. to MedOne for one of two buys:

  1. The seller agrees to lock in price for a state-side spot buy.
  1. The seller agrees to lock in price for recurring orders, confirms the schedule, and delivery logistics.

All guarantees and assurances are provided.


The next step is to arrange the transfer of funds.

Funds are released to manufacturer for each run.

Goods are delivered per agreement.

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